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Hybrid Poet/Musician/Publisher, Morgan Evans.

Morgan Evans

Originally my background was in Journalism/Media, while working as an environmental geologist for several large and small firms for over two decades. I am back on path, and would like to hear from creative intelligent, thoughtful people with projects that you'd like to see come to be, but never thought…

I specialize in managing a wide array of publishing options for thoughtful, creative works. I am proud to offer authors' what is currently the broadest range of accepted genres in the small, independent press industry today, with acceptable submissions ranging from literary to science fiction, to all types of non-fiction, to poetry and all the way back again. If you send it and we like it, we publish it! And once we publish your creation, we provide immense support to all our artists- organizing/funding book tours, readings, and coordinating each and every aspect of your works' promotion. Furthermore we strive to keep all of our publications in print, regardless of sales.

I am a published poet and journalist with extensive performance experience as a musician. I have a lifelong commitment to the arts, media and culture. My mission statement is simple: Provide platforms for those who think their creative voice cannot be heard.